mia bruneel

Lawyer-mediator in family law
Graduated in family humanities
Specialisation: family law



Whenever you encounter problems during your marriage concerning the relation itself or concerning the children, a human and professional support and guidance is very valuable.
In some cases, when your partner and/or children is/are living in Belgium, disputes can be handeled by a Belgian court.
Also foreing people living in Belgium can divorce in Belgium if their national legislation allows this.
Our office has build up some experience in similar situations and can guide English spoken people during this process.
Family law comprehends the following subjects, in brief, and according to Belgian Law:

Concerning the Partners
Provisional measures
Divorcement on base of a mutual agreement
Divorcement on base of facts
Divorcement on base of long term disagreement
Mediation (divorcement without juridical dispute) and the lawyer-mediator (by special accreditation)

Concerning the Children
Legal custody
Joint custody
Arrangements concerning grand-parental access
Recognition and denial of paternity

Concerning Financial/Material Matters
Division of community property

Concerning Criminal Proceedings
Criminal proceedings in case of non-observance of the agreement/judgement
concerning the residence of the children and maintenance

Concerning Cohabitation
Juridical statutes



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